Testimonials from Parents

Our family was blessed to receive a post card advertising Holy Cross Lutheran School in 2006. We had been praying for direction in what school to send our daughter who was getting ready to enter the first grade. We were excited to find out that the tuition was very reasonable and that made it possible for us to remove her from the secular school she was attending and enroll her at Holy Cross. We know that what she has received from school is a great complement to what she receives at home.

Our girls now both attend Holy Cross. They enjoy going to school and we are at ease knowing that they are in a safe, loving, and encouraging environment. We appreciate the teachers and the care they have for each and every child.

The most important part for us is their spiritual growth. They have grown so much in the Lord. They are definitely learning and developing a foundation that will last them throughout life. For this we cannot say thank you enough. Our children are healthy and growing in the things of God.

- Aaron Dunn, father of 4th grade and 6th grade daughters

We have had three of our children attend Holy Cross. The education they received is unmathced. Their standardized test scores prove it. My son went on to excel in public High School to the point where his grades earned him a full four year scholarship to ASU. The small class sizes and affordable tuition are unbeatable too.

- John Abbott, father of three Holy Cross graduates

I cannot imagine our daughter going to school anywhere but Holy Cross. Academically, she is miles ahead of where she would be in a public school, but it is her spiritual growth that makes this school one-in-a-million. Holy Cross Lutheran has become a part of our family, we love the teachers, the students, and the students' families. What a blessing from the Lord this school has been.

- Kimberly Sivey, mother of 1st grade daughter