Holy Cross Lutheran's "in-person" worship services have been suspended until further notice, in cooperation with coronavirus prevention efforts. Audio recordings of our services will be available by request. Contact Pastor Gurath at for more information.


While not all curriculum is from Christian publishers, all classes are taught from a Christian perspective meant to show the beauty of God's creation, the purpose of His plan, and the depth of His love for us.

Religion Classes:
We begin each day with devotion and prayer. Following devotion, religion will include Bible history, catechism, and hymnology. All classes are Christ-centered and taught using Scripture as the complete truth.

Kindergarten to 2nd grade core curriculum:

3rd-8th grade core curricula:
Saxon, Easy Grammar Systems, Scott Foresman, Bob Jones University Press

Physical Education:
PE classes are taught. We end every year with a field day, which combines all learned skills.

Art is taught once a week. It includes aspects of art history and appreciation along with creating artworks.

Music classes include listening exercises, performing spiritual and secular songs, and music theory instruction.